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This Sunday, folks 'Sittin' at a Bar' at the Red Fox Tavern in Eureka will get another chance to check into Rehab -- a standout southern hip-hop group out of Georgia that has released charting singles and collaborated with Cee-Lo, Cody ChesnuTT and Hank Williams, Jr.

”Our last show in Humboldt was a bit blurry, but I had a good time...I think,” said Danny 'Boone' Alexander, the group's lead vocalist and co-founder.

Rehab was formed by Alexander and Jason 'Brooks' Buford, who were recovering alcoholics and drug addicts who met at a rehab facility.

”He was a very talented guy, funny and we were in the same place,” Alexander said.

Their major record label debut with Sony's Epic Records, “Southern Discomfort,” saw them charting well with the single “Bartender Song (Sittin' at a Bar)” and “It Don't Matter.” After touring for a couple years in support of the album, Alexander and Buford took separate paths.

”We splintered because of creative differences,” Alexander said.

Instead of giving up on Rehab, Alexander recruited a group of veteran musicians to continue on with the name. Since forming, they've released 2005's “Graffiti the World” and 2010's “Welcome Home,” the latter with Universal Records.

”There's been a lot fan reaction from soldiers and soldiers' families (to 'Welcome Home'),” Alexander said. “They appreciate it.”

Controversy hit the group in 2008 when Epic Records decided to re-release “Southern Discomfort” under the title “Sittin' at a Bar” given the success of the re-release's title track.

”I was pissed at first, then I realized the extra buzz would ultimately help us,” Alexander said. “So I got over it.”

In the early years of Rehab, Alexander enjoyed touring with artists like Linkin Park and Kid Rock.

”I remember seeing Linkin Park's first show when we were with them on tour,” Alexander said. We knew they were outta hereAnd I remember Kid Rock's Las Vegas after-party with Suge Knight: the Playboy girls, Ron Jeremy -- it was craziness.”

Recently, at the end of July, Rehab released a new single, “King of Tweakers.”

”I was inspired to write that song while talking to a meth-head,” Alexander said. “He was talking big and bad, and I knew exactly how he felt.”

For the near future, Rehab is looking forward to getting out a studio album, making music videos, touring and, of course, playing Humboldt this Sunday. Their next self-produced album is currently slated for a release on Jan. 1, 2012 with Average Joe's Entertainment.

”It's really something for everyone,” Alexander said.

Before the show, Alexander and Rehab would love fans to get a hold of a free download of the Rehab's single “Why Do I Do” at or they can buy the new single “King of Tweakers” on iTunes. Tickets can be purchased in advance online at


If you go

What: Rehab

When: 9 p.m. Sunday

Where: Red Fox Tavern, 415 Fifth St., Eureka

Admission: $15, 21+